Linux Commands

Installing software

sudo apt install <PackageName>Install Software Package
sudo apt remove <PackageName>Remove package-autoremove will also remove all files that are not needed anymore.
sudo apt showList installed
sudo apt updateUpdate within version
sudo apt upgradeUpgrade highest version available
sudo apt –only-upgradeNo updating, but upgrading
sudo apt –full-upgrade??
sudo apt list | grep <PackageName>see if a package is installed

Users accounts

sudo add user <UserName>create user–ingroup <Groupname>
sudo passwd <UserName>change password
sudo chfn <UserName>change user details
sudo chsh <UserName>change user shell (desktop)
sudo usermod -a -G sudo <UserName>add user to users who can use sudo


sudo service <ServiceName>status | start | stop | restart
systemctp enable autostartAdds it to autostart after reboot it is always started automaticly.does not also start the service.

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